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About Guy Michelmore

Guy Michelmore is an award winning film composer who loves his job. He is both an EMMY and ANNIE nominee and has scored feature films and television series for Marvel, Dreamworks, Lionsgate, Disney and many others. Hundreds of episodes of television on shows like Rocket and Groot, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Jungle Book, Lassie, Iron Man Armored Adventures and many more.

Throughout the early part of his career he was a prolific composer for documentaries, particularly nature docs, scoring several major series for the world famous BBC Natural History and PBS in the US. He has travelled the world recording indigenous music including to Madagascar, Kenya and India.

He has what could best be described as an eclectic music education. He learnt the mouth organ with Larry Adler, studied composition under Dr. Tim Blinko but mainly learned most of what he knows working with some of the greatest musicians in the world, London’s session players.

He writes, orchestrates and conducts orchestras in LA, London, Prague and beyond but is proud and delighted to be supported by a fantastic in-house team of assistants, additional music composers and music editors. The team are used to turning out vast quantities of high quality music in a very short space of time.

He is also Course Director at ThinkSpace Education, the online education company he founded over 20 years ago.  ThinkSpace run the only online Master’s degrees in the world in film and game scoring and now have 50 post grad students and 1000 non-degree students in 30 countries.

What he really loves is working with nice, creative people on really cool stuff. As he says “I really love my job”.