What we’re working 2018

Recording the score for Robozuna me (left) Ed Bignell (Kidscave) and Giles Ridge (ITV) 

It’s been a really busy year so far working on a 40 part series for Netflix and ITV. Robozuna premiere’s later this year and combines adventure, action and comedy in a really addictive package. The score is a hybrid with a large live orchestra, a lot of sound design and synths, big tunes and a enormous sense of adventure. It’s been really good fun. In the meantime I’m delighted to be working with my old friends at Marvel on no less than 30 short films. The slate includes some really exciting new properties. It is always particularly good fun having first crack at a new set of characters.   Can’t play you anything from these projects until they’re out in the wild, so watch this space!